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Customized CNC Machined Non-standard Parts


Who We Are
ZONE-KX Technology now has a professional team who working together to overcome the challenges to go top most market and meet customer demands throughout the world by implementing its unique Social Innovation globally, with a skillful professional team for sales,marketing and developing, a high level and high quality of the management team who has rich experience in the field of CNC Machining, Stamping, Sheet Metal Fabrication,plastic rapid manufacturing…relatedprocesses, etc.

What We Do
Our products can be applied to all kinds of fields like Smart home industry,automotive industry, household & daily application, construction, radio & video instruments IP box, IPTV box, Telecom applicants,and so on.We are capable to start production according to client’s drawings & prototypes.
With our own engineer team, we are also capable to supply technology support for clients.So far, we have won great customers from Germany, Italy, Holland, US, Armenia,Russia,Korea, Israel, Australia, Zimbabwe, Spain…etc, and received good feedback.

How We Insist
Our staff prides itself on maintaining the founder’s goals of performance, design, functionality,and looks that kill. This was never a simple task, and required us to overcome several obstacles. Production times were a huge issue for years. Finding the supplier we purchase tools or material from was the first issue. Finding fast and efficient ways to complete the orders, gaining structure, inventory management, shipping companies, everything start to finish. The things you don’t see are the things that take us the most time. Through all these the obstacles, mistakes have been made. There’s no doubt that any company will leave customers upset through its early days and growing pains. With every mistake made, there is a lesson learned. With the lesson learned, wisdom and knowledge are gained. This is the real world wisdom and knowledge that mentally drives Zone-KX today.With your support, we aren’t going anywhere and will continue bringing great innovative products to our industry。

Why Trust US
We provide training and create customized solutions based on your application.
We’re focused on building strong and long-term relationships to the highest ethical standards.
We provide a whole range of products and solutions under one roof.
We aim to be on-time for deliveries to our customers across the world.
CNC Machining Center:
Automatic Laser Cutting:
AMD Device:
CNC Bending Machine:
5. Others equipment: hydraulic machine, tapping machine, squeezer and so on.Customized CNC Machined Non-standard Parts

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